Removable Media Encryption

Secure Data on CDs, DVDs, USB Flash Drives or Other Removable Media

Securing transferable data on the go

Removable Media Encryption and Removable Media Container Encryption is a great way to protect sensitive data held on CDs, DVDs, USB, flash drives and other media sources. By fully encrypting these forms of portable media it allows both organisations and individuals to protect sensitive files on the go. Files remain encrypted even if moved off an encrypted drive.

Removable Media Encryption (RME)

Removable Media Encryption gives businesses and organisations the ability to easily fully encrypt USB drives, CDs & DVDs with the same robust encryption used in the Full Disk Encryption (FDE) solution.

MFG's ‘Disk Access Control’ functionality can define policies for all removable media relating to read/write to any disk, including restrictions based on encryption status. All files loaded or copied onto these devices are automatically encrypted with no special requirements from the user.

Removable Media Container Encryption (RMCE)

Removable Media Container Encryption (RMCE) is a function of MFG’s Managed Encryption that allows users to create an encrypted container on a removable USB device, leaving the remainder of the volume unencrypted and free to use for other purposes. This differs from standard Removable Media Encryption as the user isn’t required to encrypt the full volume of the media.

Data leakage via unsecured transfer of files becomes a thing of the past with MFG’s Removable Media Container Encryption.

Diagram showing Managed Encryption's RMCE - Removable Media Container Encryption

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