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Zersion now offering a robust data security solution

Offering a robust data security solution to their customers

Up and down the country, outsourced IT service providers solve a number of problems for their clients, whilst saving them time and money. Many companies see their IT service provider as a valuable extension of their business.

Zersion (UK) Ltd have a strong background in supplying IT services in the UK and as such, they understand the key requirements of their clients. Nowadays, data security is a top priority on many businesses agendas and Zersion have been inundated with client requests to help solve their data compliancy concerns.

Client :  Zersion
Date :  April, 2016
Services :  Reseller Partner
Website :  www.zersion.com

The Challenge

Zersion supplies a wide pool of clients, across several industry sectors. Data security regulations are changing globally and a number of their clients were facing dramatic changes in light of the up-coming GDPR.

“We had many well-regarded clients seeking advice on the GDPR, which we had minimal offering for. We needed to act fast before our clients turned to other data security solution providers, as well as ensuring our customers’ end-points were not at risk.”

Looking to keep ahead of the competition, Zersion began their search for an encryption partner.

The Consultation

“We came across MFG Managed Encryption and began to enquire about their product offering.”

An MFG encryption specialist was able to guide Zersion through a range of products and help explain how encryption could solve many of their client’s data security problems.

We were quick to appreciate that a fully managed solution would work very well for many of our customers and it could start their journey on the road to becoming compliant with the GDPR.

We opted for MFG’s white labelled option, firstly because we felt our clients would feel more comfortable with a name they recognised and secondly; to help get our name out there as a data security provider”.


The Solution: MFG Managed Encryption

David Klug

Since partnering with MFG, our business has continued to grow and gain new business as more and more companies are now seeking encryption for their work devices. We’re very happy with MFG and they do a fantastic job with providing technical and sales training whenever we need them.

David Klug

Managed Encryption Partner

Would your customers benefit from our Encryption Solution?

MFG's Partner Program has been specifically developed to help IT companies help their existing clients and attract new customers. Data security breaches and concerns are on the rise and you should be proactively advising your clients on data encryption around the GDPR and Data Protection Act of 2018.