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Navigate IT Boost Client’s Data Security Procedures

Navigate IT needed an encryption solution to backbone their client's data security procedures

Navigate IT is a well-established and trusted provider of IT support services and assist a wide client base from their centrally located UK headquarters in Chester.

Navigate IT pride themselves on being responsive to their client’s needs through a professional and a dynamic approach to problem solving. Their existing services range across strategic consultancy, technical solution implementation, technical support and IT procurement.

Client :  Navigate IT
Date :  April, 2017
Services :  Reseller Partner
Website :  www.navigate-it.com

The Challenge

Navigate IT’s continued success can be recognised by their ability to create and develop strong partnerships with their clients, not only based on their IT needs, but looking further afield to help progress as organisations, which often means keeping them abreast of new regulations and implementing appropriate change policies.

The impending GDPR meant that Navigate IT were increasingly assisting their customers with implementing better data security policies so that they can comply with new regulations. Meanwhile they began to search the market for an encryption product with ease-of-use, for both them and their clients.

The Consultation

Navigate IT found MFG Managed Encryption after performing a simple Google search. And the rest, as they say, is history.

To date, this is the fastest on-boarding process MFG have experienced with an IT Partner – and in general this is down to Navigate IT’s approach and control in seeking a solution, finding a fit, quickly yet efficiently testing the product and grasping its concept and lastly; deploying it on their existing client’s devices.

As a solution provider, we regularly hear from IT companies that they “don’t have enough” time to employ new technology due to the training and maintenance involved.

As a busy IT service provider themselves, Navigate were looking for an encryption solution that was both managed and cloud based to avoid the routine maintenance, upgrades and associated cost that comes with managing your own dedicated server. Additionally, Navigate wanted something that was simple for their clients to embrace… This is what sets Managed Encryption aside from other encryption solutions.

The Solution: MFG Managed Encryption

Navigate are enrolling new encryption licences daily, thanks to MFG’s fully managed encryption console whereby no maintenance or training is required by end-users.

Using their own inventiveness and taking advantage of Managed Encryption’s fully white-labelled facility, Navigate IT have begun to provide clients with a personalised pre-boot screen for their organisation. End-users often feel more comfortable when they are presented with a familiar logo. With a diverse client base, each with many members of staff, Navigate found that clients were more likely to be switched on with the idea of change by taking the time to create a unique experience for each of them.

Quick movers, Navigate received all the sales, technical and marketing information they needed to get the ball rolling with getting a selection of their current customers encrypted at Stage 1 and 2. By following MFG’s Stage 1 pack; Navigate IT have also managed to streamline an internal process that works well for both their sales and technical teams. They find it very easy to place a licence order with MFG and they have a dedicated account manager to help them with anything they require.

Would your customers benefit from our Encryption Solution?

MFG's Partner Program has been specifically developed to help IT companies help their existing clients and attract new customers. Data security breaches and concerns are on the rise and you should be proactively advising your clients on data encryption around the GDPR and Data Protection Act of 2018.