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Managed Encryption: Protecting Henley Town Council

A data protection solution for Local Authorities in Oxfordshire

With a population of some 10,000, Henley-on-Thames Town Council in Oxfordshire is committed to assisting residents with local issues. The council officers aim to help, advise or point anyone with a problem in the right direction. Henley TC prides itself on providing an excellent service to local residents as well as having a strong working relationship with the other tiers of authority and as a result, residents’ problems handled more effectively.

As well as serving residents, Henley-on-Thames attracts many tourists and plays host to the famous Henley Royal Regatta, which attracts thousands of visitors over a 5-day period. Like all local authorities, it is imperative that Henley-on-Thames runs like a well-oiled machine.

Client :  Henley Town Council
Date :  March, 2016
Services :  End-User
Henley Town Hall, Henley on Thames Oxforshire

The Challenge

The Council operates from a number of locations around Henley-On-Thames and needs the ability to be able to share data between locations securely, from a wide mix of devices covering laptops, tablets and mobiles – some of which run on different operating systems.

Data breaches are on the rise

In a world where data breaches are continually on the rise, Henley Town Council are on high alert when it comes to securing personal data, which includes those of residents and employees. Not only did they need a solution that would successfully encrypt data held on a wide mix of devices, but also promised no instances of data loss.

The Consultation

Managing and maintaining an encryption solution internally can prove to cause more technical difficulties for IT staff than necessary. With a large number of employees working remotely, it is imperative that staff have access to their mobile working devices to fulfil their jobs, it was evident that Henley-on-Thames Town Council needed external help.

MFG Managed Encryption Client, Henley on Thames Town Council Logo

The Solution: MFG Managed Encryption

Henley-on-Thames Town Council found exactly what they were looking for with MFG’s Managed Encryption – an all-in-one full disk encryption solution with the ability to encrypt data on various devices, to manage encryption keys and to enable seamless user authentication and data access across the whole organisation’s environment.

Managed Encryption by MFG enables Henley-on-Thames Town Council to comply with privacy and security regulations by protecting sensitive data residing in laptops, desktops, servers and on removable media – all centrally managed by MFG, avoiding a lot of IT resource.

Like Henley-on-Thames Town Council,  not all organisations have the resource, time or expertise to deploy and maintain an encryption solution, we get that. Yet without it, information about your employees or customers on a laptop that goes missing represents a significant risk. In the hands of the wrong people, that data could be used in any manner of ways to negatively impact your company’s reputation, finances and sensitive information.

Liz Jones

With an increasing number of councils having data breaches and with the knowledge of the new GDPR coming into effect, we needed to make sure the council’s data was protected. The Managed Encryption service from MFG fitted the solution perfectly. We didn’t have to worry about any specialist training or managing a service ourselves. MFG take care of everything, as well as offering an unhindered user experience.

Liz Jones

Henley Town Council

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