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Eventura Helping Clients with the GDPR

Partnering with Managed Encryption to help clients with the GDPR

Eventura provide a range of Managed IT Services, IT Support and Consultancy to businesses throughout the North of England. Supporting organisations across a range of industries, Eventura take pride in adopting a personal, business-centric approach to technology. As such, providing accurate and reliable advice is second nature to them.

Eventura approached the MFG Managed Encryption team at a co-hosted partner event in April 2017. It was clear from the outset that the team at Eventura understood the importance of Encryption and how it played a key role in becoming compliant with the GDPR.

Client :  Eventura
Date :  April, 2017
Services :  Reseller Partner
Website :  www.eventura.com

The Challenge

Like most delegates at the event – forward planning ­– Eventura had attended with the intention to gain a better understanding of the GDPR, whilst improving business practices to exceed their clients’ expectations ahead of the new regulations. Taking the proactive approach was what stood out the most for MFG.

Planning ahead, Eventura were in the market for an encryption product for their wide range of clients. Their current product portfolio included Network and Security Audits, Disaster Recovery and IT Security. It was apparent that an encryption solution would be a worthwhile addition to compliment these existing services.

Pictured: Eventura HQ, Bolton

The Consultation

The GDPR (Articles 32, 33 & 34) was the main key topic that Eventura wished to address. Encryption was the obvious answer and would be the very first step they wanted their clients to take on the path to GDPR compliance, working hand in hand with Cyber Essentials’ best practices in safeguarding against common cyber threats.

MFG’s and Eventura’s thought processes were very closely aligned and it was mutually agreed that Encryption would become an industry standard, just like Antivirus. From the outset, a good working relationship was formed and Eventura were keen to get hands-on with the Managed Encryption product to work out how this would work best for them and their customers.

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The Solution: MFG Managed Encryption

Eventura are great believers in implementing solutions that they supply to customers within their own business. This lead Eventura to leverage the MFG Managed Encryption software across the board internally to ensure the business meets its own security standards, with more comprehensive security for home and remote workers.

Managed Encryption has enabled Eventura to target new businesses as more and more organisations look to encryption ahead of the GDPR. New regulations will require that you notify the ICO of any breach to your system and having encryption in place offers a huge safety net.

Paul Birbeck CISM, MBSC, M.inst ISP

We are a managed service provider that’s been working with MFG for over a year now and we haven’t regretted a day of it. From the initial meeting at a GDPR conference, through a superb partner onboarding program, into service delivery and sales support within a couple of weeks- its been a joy. We had MFG Managed Encryption across our own estate within a few days and used that experience to engage customers. The team at MFG have gone above and beyond on helping us understand their service and translating it to our base. We knew that GDPR and the wider security needs of our customers meant encryption had to sit as a core service offering, we needed a best of breed solution that would fit with our existing portfolio like Mimecast, Datto, Solarwinds, Webroot, Auvik etc. MFG have been the answer for us and are now a critical part of our team. The fact that they have come from the MSP space and are still ``techies`` at heart means we speak the same language and all wear appropriate tinfoil (risk based) hats when it comes to security. MFG are trusted partners with the commitment and services that ensure our customers are protected and engaged with security. The fact that they are Reading FC fans shouldn’t put you off to much, no-one perfect!

Paul Birbeck CISM, MBSC, M.inst ISP


Would your customers benefit from our Encryption Solution?

MFG's Partner Program has been specifically developed to help IT companies help their existing clients and attract new customers. Data security breaches and concerns are on the rise and you should be proactively advising your clients on data encryption around the GDPR and Data Protection Act of 2018.