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The art of encryption key management

If you are a business that is serious about data security then the use of encryption keys in an organised encryption system is a must. Doing this will ensure the security of your devices in the event of loss or theft and any sensitive information stored on them. The individual encryption keys will all have their own distinct algorithms that make them unique and impossible to predict. All of this makes the use of encryption keys vital for all businesses, large or small.

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Simplifying encryption to make it easier to protect your business

Perhaps a daunting prospect to some, encryption is, in fact, the most effective way to ensure that your data is secure. From start-ups to well-established franchises, encryption not only offers the solution to many data security issues, but it can protect sensitive information and ensure that important files remain in the right hands.

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The GDPR is an issue for the boardroom

If you’re a regular visitor on our blog/news page, you’ll have noticed that we’ve been badgering on for quite some time now about the GDPR and it’s vast consequences. “Huge fines” and “damaged reputation” are terms we seem to have used over and over to best describe the effects of the GDPR.

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