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Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management Made Simple with Managed Encryption

Many businesses and organisations allow corporate data to reside on company owned smartphones, tablets or devices and some use a ‘bring your own device' (BYOD) policy, however there are many implications and risks involved. How do you know if these devices are secure?

MFG’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) allows businesses and organisations to secure their workforces’ mobile devices running iOS and Android operating systems to ensure they’re encrypted and follow compliance policies.

Lock down your Mobile Devices

MFG’s Mobile Device Management protects sensitive information held on mobile iOS and Android devices and allows for seamless integration and profile deployment. MFG work with you to configure the profile complexity for your client taking into account feature blocking, password strength and change frequency, furthermore our Managed MDM solution can provide inventory reporting and a log of encrypted devices, which falls in line with your organisation’s wider compliance policies.


MDM By Managed Encryption

For many years Mobile Device Management (or MDM) software has allowed IT personnel to control, enforce, and thus secure policies on mobile endpoints including smartphones and tablets.

MFG Managed Encryption takes this functionality to the next level and has removed the burden from busy IT administrators, with a fully managed solution – meaning there’s no further legwork post-deployment.

How does Managed MDM Work?

MFG’s Mobile Device Management employs their very own endpoint software called Managed MDM. MFG has a secure MDM server that lives in the cloud (or in actual terms; a highly secure tier-4 data centre).

Depending on whether the device is company owned or BYOD, company staff can remotely configure the Managed MDM application with some simple instructions. The server then pushes those policies over to the Managed MDM agent on the device.

The agent applies the predetermined policies to the device by communicating directly with the device’s operating system.


Is my password not strong enough?

Both Apple iOS and Android mobile operating systems have encryption built in, but managing the devices for an entire workforce can be a time consuming challenge, plus with Android, encryption can be turned off by the user.

MFG manages the encryption for your entire business at scale, enforcing encryption across all devices at all times as well as offering a number of other value added features including: enforcing stronger passwords, password expiration dates and reducing the number of wrong PIN entries before the device is wiped.

Easy to Deploy

Enrolling the encryption on your mobile device couldn't be easier. In this video we will be looking at how easy it is to enrol Managed MDM on your iOS device. Once complete, your device will be fully managed according to your businesses data security policies.

After deployment, Managed Encryption will take care of all your profile management and functions such as: resetting passwords, remote wipe, inject network settings, email configuration, blocks for Youtube, iMessage, Safari, iTunes, iBook Store, explicit content, AirPlay and more.

Try our Mobile Device Encryption for FREE!

Set up a FREE Managed Encryption trial and start your journey to achieving better data security. Simply complete the contact form and we'll set you up on a FREE, no obligation 14 day trial.

Centrally Managed Mobile Device Encryption

As part of our fully managed solution, we take care of all policies, password rules and the manageability of encryption, so you can carry on with the day to day running of your business.

Central Management

We centrally manage your mobile device’s encryption keys and provision them to authorised users.

Ease of use

After deployment, Managed Encryption take care of all your profile management and security preference functions.

Feature Rich

Our MDM has an extensive list of security features from blocking of certain apps to disabling the use of camera.

The True Costs of Remote Working... Can you afford the risk?

Remote working has allowed businesses to increase productivity and employee satisfaction, whilst reducing costs – however there are many implications and risks involved. You, the business owner will accept responsibility if exposed to a data breach following unauthorised access of sensitive data.

The Solution – Managed MDM

MFG’s Mobile Device Management enables you to support every endpoint and every user to help ensure policies are adhered to, which can help with wider regulatory needs, like the GDPR.

MFG’s MDM solution allows employees to connect and work anywhere, on any mobile device – all the while without any user interference or hindrance to the device’s performance. MFG enhances IT productivity as there is no need for a business to manage their own console – this is completely taken care of by the encryption experts at MFG.

Start taking your customer's data security more seriously!

MFG's Partner Program has been specifically developed to help IT companies help their existing clients and attract new customers. Data security breaches and concerns are on the rise and you should be proactively advising your clients on the benefits of data encryption as a technical measure for the GDPR and Data Protection Act of 2018.