Mobile Device Management

Secure your Mobile Devices from Data Loss or Theft

Mobile Device Encryption for your entire workforce

MFG’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) allows businesses and organisations to secure their workforces’ mobile devices running iOS and Android operating systems to ensure they’re encrypted and follow compliance polices.

Many businesses and organisations allow corporate data to reside on company owned smartphones, tablets or devices and some use a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) policy. But how do you know if these devices are secure?

Benefits of MFG's Mobile Device Management

Quick and easy to enrol

We'll manage your IT assets

Securing data on the go

Dedicated 24/7 UK support

Extremely cost effective

100% secure & fully managed

How can MFG help?

Both Apple iOS and Android mobile operating systems have encryption built in, but managing the devices for an entire workforce can be a time consuming challenge, plus with Android, encryption can be turned off by the user.

MFG manages the encryption for your entire business at scale, enforcing encryption across all devices at all times as well as offering a number of other value added features including: enforcing stronger passwords, password expiration dates and reducing the number of wrong PIN entries before the device is wiped.

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The REAL costs of remote working

BYOD (bring your own device) and working remotely has allowed businesses to increase productivity and employee satisfaction, whilst reducing costs – however there are many implications and risks involved.

How can you ensure personal devices are encrypted? You, the business owner will accept responsibility
if exposed to a data breach following unauthorised access of sensitive data.

Now – with the GDPR coming in to place on 25th May 2018, organisations will need to implement data security procedures or face a costly fine.

MFG Managed Encryption streamlines IT security management

For iOS devices

MFG MDM Support of iOS devices:

  • Apple iPhone and iPad running iOS 4 and higher

MFG MDM Supported features for iOS devices:

  • Auto-lock
  • Encrypted back-up
  • Enforce password & password quality
  • Kill pill/remote wipe
  • Camera & Facetime restrictions
  • Device wipe based on failed log-in attempts
  • Password reset & remote unlock

For Android devices

MFG MDM support for Android devices:

  • Android-based tablets running version 3.01 (Honeycomb) and above
  • Android-based smartphones running version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above

MFG MDM Supported features for Android devices:

  • Kill pill/remote wipe
  • Camera restrictions
  • Enforce password & password quality
  • Device wipe based on failed log-in attempts
  • Password reset
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