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File Encryption

Data Protection for Files, Folders and Network File Shares

When it comes to data protection, there is no one size fits all solution. Different organisations, departments, and even individuals have differing needs when it comes to protecting the information that they are responsible for. While MFG's Full Disk Encryption lays a strong foundation of data protection, encryption at file-level adds an additional layer of protection, often recommended as part of a more robust security strategy.

An Added Layer of Protection at File Level

File Encryption is a key component of MFG’s Managed Encryption data security software. File Encryption enables users and administrators to encrypt specific files and folders on a device, or on file shares within the network and can even be applied on top of a device already protected by drive encryption – thus adding an additonal layer of protection. While protecting devices with full disk encryption is always recommended, encrypted files can also reside inside a file server or Network Attached Storage (NAS) that is not encrypted.

As part of our fully managed service, MFG will manage your policies, password rules and the manageability of files encryption across PC (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2012 R2, Windows 10).


What are the benefits of File Encryption?

MFG's File Encryption encrypts individual files and does not decrypt them until a user with the proper key and rights to view the documents tries to access them, furthermore users can enjoy...

Protect over sensitive documents

Have an additional layer of protection over sensitive files that may be moved onto a device which doesn’t utilise Full Disk Encryption

Protect personal files on a shared device or folder

Encrypted files can reside inside a file server or Network Storage that is not encrypted.

Avoid business disruptions

Decryption process does not slow your computer down since, unlike FDE, you don’t have to decrypt your programs as well as your files.

Increase protection against viruses and spyware

Not only protect files against loss or theft, but also viruses and spyware – adding another dimension to File Encryption.

File Encryption and Full Disk Encryption – A formidable team.

MFG’s File Encryption uses the same AES 256-bit encryption that’s used on the Full Disk Encryption solution. While the Full Disk Encryption solution encrypts the entire hard drive, File Encryption is adaptable. Users can manually encrypt individual files and folders that they wish to protect on their system and this also offers an additional layer of security on top of MFG’s Full Disk Encryption.


Policy-Driven Protection

No encryption solution works properly without intelligent key management – and that’s what makes MFG different to other solution providers. Policy driven rules determine which contents of an In-Policy folder will be encrypted on a file-by-file basis, and limits user access to those with the user key for the individual files.

The In-Policy folder is governed by the File Encryption policy, set by the administrator. The policy covers all folder contents, from files, to documents, to images, and even subfolders. If an individual attempts to access a protected file –- without the proper rights, they would quickly find that documents are encrypted.

Centrally Managed File Encryption

As part of our fully managed solution, we take care of all policies, password rules and the manageability of encryption, so you can carry on with the day to day running of your business.

Central Management

MFG will centrally manage File and Folder Encryption keys and provision them to authorised users. No training and no maintenance for the end-user.

Enhanced Security

Files will remain encrypted, even if moved off an encrypted drive. Files stored on local area networks can also be encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption.

Ease of use

The end-user can control which specific files need to be encrypted and ensure business security policies and regulatory policies are in compliance.

Can you afford the risk?

Information about your employees or customers on any device that goes missing represents a significant risk. MFG recommends that all drives are protected with Full Disk Encryption as a base layer of protection. Optional features such as File & Folder Encryption or Removable Media Encryption would add an additional layer of defence for securing data.

Start taking your customer's data security more seriously!

MFG's Partner Program has been specifically developed to help IT companies help their existing clients and attract new customers. Data security breaches and concerns are on the rise and you should be proactively advising your clients on data encryption around the GDPR and Data Protection Act of 2018.