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Below, we have compiled a short list of frequently asked questions. Some of the questions are asked on a frequent basis, whereas others have been made up purely for information purposes. If you have a question about MFG Managed Encryption or you’d like to know more, feel free to get in contact with us via email –

What is Managed Encryption?

MFG Managed Encryption have a proven track record of providing a unique, secure and fully managed encryption solution for all devices.

MFG have developed an encryption solution that’s hassle free, quick to deploy and fully managed. MFG Managed Encryption is the only encryption provider to offer a fully centralised managed encryption solution for all devices – desktops, laptops, removable media, tablets, mobiles and now even the cloud.

Why should I not manage encryption myself?

Many organisations do. However, this is proven to be a costly and time-consuming overhead. MFG Managed Encryption takes away the headache from busy IT departments having to manage and maintain a solution themselves, allowing you to focus on the core of your business.

We manage the device throughout its lifespan and make all the necessary changes for our clients.

Do I need encryption?

Data breaches occur almost every day, in 2015 over 480 million recorded breaches occurred. In 2016 the figures rose to a staggering 3.1 billion recorded breaches. Data security is a bigger problem than most us realise.

We have seen cases such as TalkTalk, Tesco and TNT negatively publicised in the media and the ICO has reported many local authorities data breach mishaps. By demonstrating high levels of data security you are building the trust with your customers and gaining competitive advantage as well as remaining compliant with regulations.

Is encryption a big priority?

Most organisations are starting to prepare for changes for upcoming regulations. Encryption is becoming a valuable and essential part of any organisation’s IT operation, used in a similar manner to any good anti-virus software.

The fact is, information security is a big priority! Together with the advice of the ICO, we recommend that all our customers take a proactive approach

Can we manage our own security keys?

We appreciate that many organisations like to maintain their own sense of security over their keys. You will be glad to know that the keys are kept in a secure tier 3 data centre; the keys themselves are encrypted and backed up. This means that one of the hardest tasks of encryption; ‘Key Management’ is taken care for you without the need of any training or cost for installing a dedicated server. No training, no maintenance and no backup. We ensure your device remains compliant with the new upcoming regulations.

What is an ‘End Point’ and why should I protect them?

An ‘endpoint’ is commonly used to describe a device capable of transmitting and receiving data across a network, often used by an end-user such as a mobile phone, laptop, tablet or computer outside the corporate firewall.

We have all seen the horror stories eventually arising from a data breach. By protecting your end-points, you are reducing the risk of losing valuable data, whilst keeping abreast of new data regulations such as the GDPR.

What is Two Factor Authentication (TFA)?

TFA is your additional layer of security when unlocking an encrypted device. By authenticating users, it ensures only authorised personnel have access to sensitive files or information. Although it’s advised, if TFA is something that you do not require, we can also work on policies to give you options for Single Sign On (SSO) and password synchronisation.

Microsoft BitLocker is free. What further benefits will I get from MFG Managed Encryption?

BitLocker is a good entry-level form of Full Disk Encryption, however you should consider there are some hidden costs involved, such as a dedicated MBAM server and TPM chips required on machines.

BitLocker does have its limitations for businesses running multiple devices across various operating systems – which is common in the modern day.

BitLocker requires manual key management and back ups. That in itself requires time and training. With Managed Encryption, organisations can improve their existing BitLocker deployment with a centrally managed solution and gain access to a number of value added features.

How do your current customers find your solution?

Don’t just take our word for it. We have a large number of clients who are already benefiting from our fully managed encryption solution. We customise all the security policies to meet the client’s demand, ensuring the best possible data security practices are enforced.

We work closely with our technology partners to provide you with the best compliancy, practices and cyber security advice.

Please contact us for testimonials and references.

What if I forgot my password? Will I not be able to access my device at all?

Our 24/7 support team will ensure that a genuine user is not left locked out of a device. You can also use a self-help password recovery option so that you do not have to call for support. All passwords resets are treated as critical and engineers resolve instantly.

Why should we use your solution vs. others?

Our solution is unique, whereby we fully manage the encryption solution including the policies for you. This is monitored throughout the lifespan of the device. We believe our solution comes at an extremely competitive cost (per licence) vs. those that will not manage the encryption for you for you. When you start to look at the cost saving on staff training and on-going maintenance, the savings are magnified!

At the very focus of our product, we ensure that best practices of data security are adhered to, which cannot be said for an un-managed solution.

I don’t have anything valuable stored on my end points. Do I need Encryption?

Many organisations have great security practices in place, however despite your best intentions, mistakes do happen. What if a user downloaded a document from a cloud server? Or what if they cannot access the cloud and need to save a file locally instead?
If so, are you leaving yourself open for a potential data breach?

If a device is encrypted, you know that data is fully protected from the outset.

Is there a long roll-out process?

Enrolment is quick and pain free, all you have to do is follow our structured enrolment process. Our experts are available to ensure that the packages are prepared for deployment. Once you have installed the solution we take care of everything for you. Furthermore, our technical briefing will set you up for a successful deployment.

Am I compliant with the GDPR if I take your solution?

Article 32 (Security of Processing) of the GDPR states that “encryption of personal data” is an appropriate technical and organisational measure to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk.

Whilst our solution will provide a good base layer of data security for your organisation it is worth noting that businesses should re-assess how they process and store data. MFG Managed Encryption will provide you with the tools to become GDPR compliant and our partners will prepare you with the resources to prove your compliancy. From the initial GDPR discovery, to encrypting your devices, right through to gaining full GDPR compliancy with IT Governance.

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