CloudSync Encryption

Protecting Data Residing in the Cloud

Cloud Security from MFG's Managed Encryption

MFG’s CloudSync Encryption is an application that enforces transparent file encryption on cloud folders through policy, to ensure data is protected before it leaves the endpoint.

Your files are always protected in the cloud

No matter where the data resides in the cloud, MFG’s Cloud Sync ensures that files are always encrypted at the end point before they are ever moved into a cloud service, thus removing the risks of any data breaches in the cloud.

With MFG’s CloudSync, the contents of the cloud storage folder on a device is always encrypted. Synchronisation of encrypted content takes place transparently, ensuring that all files remain encrypted in the cloud, improving cloud security.

MFG Managed Encryption’s cloud solution spans across multiple platforms meaning users are able to share encrypted data between Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android users.

Encrypted data can be shared transparently between users to share data externally.

Your encryption keys and cloud policies are managed centrally by MFG Managed Encryption and are always 100% secure.


FIPS 140-2 certified 256-bit cryptographic engine.

Encryption takes place at endpoint. Files moved off an encrypted drive remain encrypted in cloud.

Key management is handled by MFG.

Easy to use

Drag and drop approach to encrypting specific files offer a simple, familiar way for users to manage files that need to be encrypted

Maintaining end user productivity while ensuring maximum security and transparent workflow

Cross-platform support

Centralised Management

MFG centrally manages your encryption keys and provisions to authorised users.

Businesses can choose to apply encryption to the entire cloud folder or enforce encryption on cloud folders containing corporate data only; and allowing users to use cloud for personal data

Be responsible for your data in the cloud!

As part of ISO frameworks (including ISO9001, ISO27001 and ISO27018) it is important to protect sensitive company, employee, customer & PII data. It states in these frameworks that businesses have a responsibility to have data residing in the cloud encrypted. Be proactive and protect your most valuable assets to your organisation.

How safe is your data in the cloud? Protect your most important assets.

Many businesses are opting for cloud storage services for ease of access. We are seeing a rise in data security breaches and under new policies, the fines following a data breach will be huge. Will you be able to demonstrate encryption of your cloud service provider? Encryption makes files held in the cloud unreadable and inaccessible to unauthorised users.

Start protecting your data now.

Is your business GDPR compliant?

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is encouraging businesses to implement security procedures so that end-user data is protected. Businesses or organisations failing to be compliant could face a hefty fine. MFG can help by providing a fully Managed Encryption service.

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